Revise : In Part 1 — We did following things :

If you missed Part -1 Here it is

In this Part…

In this article, we will Learn How to Deploy Web App / Static Website on S3 and Along with that, we will configure Cloudfront with S3 Bucket and later we will set up CI/CD with GitHub Repo

CI/CD — We will maintain a GitHub repo for Web-App/Static Website, and Whenever…

In this series, we will be developing a Web Application with Java Based Framework — Spring Boot, which will interact with various AWS Services as per the Project Requirement.

For Development on Java, AWS provides an SDK to connect Cloud Services:

Spring Boot with its Cloud Supports helps in…

Our Team “Drafters” recently participated for a Exciting Hack-a-thon named “DeveloperIPL” on Hacker-earth Platform, and theme for it was Social Good.

(IPL: Indian Premier League is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India)

[UPDATE] much awaited moment … We won second prize

About DeveloperIPL : It was perfect competition for…


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