In this article, we will Learn How to Deploy Web App / Static Website on S3 and Along with that, we will configure Cloudfront with S3 Bucket and later we will set up CI/CD with GitHub Repo

CI/CD — We will maintain a GitHub repo for Web-App/Static Website, and Whenever any changes are made, it will be deployed automatically to S3 Bucket (Reduces our Manual Work)

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Deploy Angular App & Static Website to AWS S3

Step 1: Create an S3 Bucket for WebApp/Static Website

  1. Login to AWS Console
  2. Search and Go to S3

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In this series, we will be developing a Web Application with Java Based Framework — Spring Boot, which will interact with various AWS Services as per the Project Requirement.

For Development on Java, AWS provides an SDK to connect Cloud Services:

Spring Boot with its Cloud Supports helps in Auto-Configuration and Bootstrapping things required to create Clients required to use AWS Cloud Services and abstracts the “Low-Level API Provided in Java SDK” by AWS.

Pre-Requisites :

  1. AWS Free-Tier/Standard Account
  2. Basic Knowledge of Java-Spring (MVC, Data Access)
  3. About AWS Services like : S3, SQS, DynamoDB

Let’s Get Started :

What we are going to build : A Web Application which will upload Files to…

Our Team “Drafters” recently participated for a Exciting Hack-a-thon named “DeveloperIPL” on Hacker-earth Platform, and theme for it was Social Good.

(IPL: Indian Premier League is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India)

[UPDATE] much awaited moment … We won second prize

About DeveloperIPL : It was perfect competition for us to build and explore more on Serverless Platform. Oover time as we were working on turning Idea to App, right from planning to implementation and finding out Which Technology will be best fit for solution, as Nimbella Supported almost every technology. As many participants were new to platform, for which Nimbella team organized various workshops right from How to Start building ?, How to use different features available ?, …


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